Below are the details on past speakers that Twin Cities Claims Association has hosted at our Monthly Meetings. If you’re interested in attending, check out our home page for details. Thank you for visiting TCCA.

May 2018 Lunch Meeting

Jason E. Jenny, D.D.S-Twin Cities Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Topic: Dental and TMJ Injuries
Dr. Jenny will be discussing “Dental and TMJ injuries common to the insurance industry”. 

April 2018 Lunch Meeting

Sarah Hunter, Partner at O’Meara, Leer, Wagner & Kohl.

Topic: Does it or doesn’t it?  
Workers’ Compensation: Arising out of employment and compensability determinations in the post-Dykhoff age

March 2018 Lunch Meeting

Brad Ayers and Kerry Trapp of Morrison Sund PLLC

Topic: Investigation and Litigation of Fire and Explosion Losses
Attorneys Brad Ayers and Kerry Trapp of Morrison Sund PLLC will be discussing Investigating and litigating fire and explosion losses  for coverage and subrogation purposes including fire scene coordination and notification, selecting experts, conducting the scene exam, impact of NFPA 921 on investigation, spoliation, and impact of Daubert.

February 2018 Lunch Meeting

Paul S. Hopewell and Peter M. Leiferman, Attorneys with Lilleberg & Hopewell

Topic: Evaluating Wrongful Death Claims
Damages in wrongful death claims are notoriously difficult to evaluate in most cases. Paul S. Hopewell and Peter M. Leiferman of Lilleberg & Hopewell will be discussing the basics of Minnesota’s Wrongful Death Statute as well as strategies for defending these types of cases and evaluating potential damages.  

January 2018 Lunch Meeting

Aaron Frederickson, ESQ., MSP Compliance Solutions

Topic: Proactive Medicare Compliance — Future Medicals in Injury Cases
Medicare Secondary Payer compliance impacts all injury cases, including No-Fault and liability matters.  Now is the time to understand these principles and incorporate best practices within your claims management team; doing so will prompt effective claim settlements and avoid future adverse actions.  This program will also explore the coming renaissance in Medicare compliance and what to expect in the coming year as CMS is ramping up enforcement in non-workers’ compensation injury cases.

Annual Winter Seminar 2017

Dr. Christopher Erbes, Woodlake Medical Management

Topic: Post-traumatic Stress and Injury Claims
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a complex, multifaceted, and often poorly understood disorder that can be difficult to reliably diagnose and treat in any setting. Dr. Erbes will discuss common pitfalls and challenges in the evaluation of PTSD in worker’s compensation, personal injury, and disability evaluations, including differential diagnosis from pre-existing conditions, comorbidity, and exaggerated or malingered reporting. He will review strategies for addressing these pitfalls through the use of multi-method assessment techniques that incorporate record review, interview, clinical observation, and psychometric testing to maximize the validity of evaluation results.  Case examples from workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accident cases will be used to demonstrate these principles. He will also review the characteristics of common and empirically supported treatment strategies in order to better inform case management, file handling and review. 

Fred Sowatzka
MRK Financial Solutions

Topic: Bring Your Future Into Focus
Did you know that 56% of workers have never calculated roughly how much they need to live on during retirement, and the 44% who have conducted these calculations have saved a staggering 40% more than those who are in the dark?  Fred will discuss the following:  identify and prioritize your life goals, decide on an appropriate investment strategy, monitor your progress, and make revisions whenever necessary.  Fred will also discuss what you need to do to get and stay on track with your retirement goals and agenda.

No-Fault Here and Now and What is on the Horizon
No-Fault Panel Discussion – Moderated by Shayne Hamann of Arthur Chapman Law Firm, – Panelists:  Kelly Sofio, Oskie and Sofio Law Firm, Sylvia Zinn, Brendel and Zinn Law Firm, Tammy Reno, Stich Angell Law Firm and Jessica Richardson Stich Angell Law Firm
Our No-Fault panelists will discuss pertinent No-Fault issues and ways to deal with the creative and crafty claims advanced by claimant attorneys.  The panel will discuss what is on the horizon for No-Fault, how to best defend these claims, and what adjusters and defense attorneys can do to put the carrier in the best possible light leading up to and at an arbitration hearing.

Christine Tuft, Arthur Chapman Law Firm and
Gina Uhrbom, Brown and Carlson Law Firm

Topic: 2017 A Year in Review
Chris and Gina will lead you through the most significant Workers’ Compensation cases from 2017.  It was a very busy year in the Workers’ Compensation Bar, with a very active Minnesota Supreme Court.  Come hear how all the new Minnesota Supreme Court cases may impact your day to day decision making and file handling.

November 2017 Lunch Meeting

Brett Olander, Olander Law Group, Mark Pilney, Reding and Pilney, PLLP, and Doug Shrewsbury, Law Office of Douglas R. Shrewsbury

Topic: MEDIATION – What you need to know and how you can be most prepared, as an attorney and claims professional
Brett, Mark and Doug will discuss how you can get the most out of your mediation session.  What is helpful for the mediator to know in advance of the mediation session, what documents do you need to make sure you have received, and when it is best to mediate cases.  Each mediator will discuss his own style and approach to mediation and how best to succeed at mediation.  Come with your questions for this wonderful panel of neutrals.

October 2017 Lunch Meeting

Suanne Grobe, Grobe Consulting

Topic: Getting the Most out of an Independent Vocational Evaluation from a Vocational Expert’s Perspective
Suanne Grobe is a Vocational Expert with broad experience in Disability Case Management, Vocational Testing, Retraining Plan Reviews, and Vocational Evaluations over the past twenty years.  Suanne will be providing insight as to her approach, recommendations, and experience with Vocational Evaluations.  Topics that will be discussed include:  Components of a Vocational Evaluation; Information and Records; Importance of IME’s & FCE’s; Tips for when to make a referral for an IVE; and Common Trends.

September 2017 Lunch Meeting

Steve Tomsche, Tomsche, Sonnesyn and Tomsche, P.A.

Topic: Dram Shop Issues in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases 
Handling cases with potential dram shop issues has long been replete with pitfalls such as notice requirements, statutes of limitations, and limited comparative fault issues.  Before pursuing a dram shop case, a practitioner and claims handler must also understand the role of toxicology experts and evidence and have a plan on how to deal with those issues.  Adjusters and attorneys alike should be nervous about taking these cases lightly. Steve will also review the issues arising in dram shop law and how they overlap with motor vehicle accident cases.

May 2017 Lunch Meeting

Don Dunn, The R & D Agency, Inc.

Topic: The Social Media Fly Trap:  Catching Claimants/Plaintiffs Behaving Badly
Working as a private investigator for nearly 40 years has been an interesting adventure for Don Dunn.  Significant changes in availability of information, technical advancements in recording and tracking equipment, the ability to communicate in real time with clients, insureds and co-workers, and the explosion of social media have helped to shape the investigative industry in many ways over the last decade.  Don will focus on how investigators use social media during the course of a variety of investigations.

April 2017 Lunch Meeting

John Paul Gatto, HKM Professional Association

Topic: Minnesota Bath Faith Law:  A Primer and Update on Recent Developments
Minnesota’s “First Party” bad faith law has now been codified for nearly a decade, with numerous decisions discussing the standards that apply, elements of the claim, burdens of proof, and fact patterns that will/will not justify bad faith.  The law continues to develop with a recent case pending before the Minnesota Supreme Court concerning measure of damages that will apply to successful bad faith claims – the resolution of which will likely have a dramatic impact on the pursuit, or not, of future claims.  This presentation will provide a background regarding the history of Minnesota’s bad faith law, its procedural mechanics, substantive elements, and relevant decisions, and will also provide an update on developments in the law, including the aforementioned Supreme Court case.

March 2017 Lunch Meeting

Rick Stempel, Stempel and Doty, PLC.

Topic: Indictments, Information, Investigations and the Future
Rick will discuss the recent FBI/MN DOC Fraud Unit search warrant raids, the recent indictments and what could be store for Minnesota PIP carriers.  Rick’s discussion will include possible counter strategy and new clinic tactics in the post-indictment marketplace.

February 2017 Lunch Meeting

Steve Warner, Arthur, Chapman, Kettering, Smetak, & Pikala, P.A.

Topic: When Criminal Law Issues Invade Your Civil Case
Steve will discuss issues that may arise when the insured faces pending or possible criminal charges in addition to civil claims and strategies for dealing with them.  Topics of discussion will include the applicability of Criminal Acts Exclusions, the implications of the insured invoking Fifth Amendment privilege, admissibility of criminal convictions, and what to do about restitution awards from the criminal courts.

January 2017 Lunch Meeting

Laura Moehrle, Quinlivan & Hughes Law Firm    

Topic: Navigating Collateral Source Offsets
Laura will discuss all of the different scenarios involved in handling cases post Brewster.  She will discuss the various examples involved with private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Minnesota Care, Medicare Supplement Plans and Advantage Plans.  She will also discuss common arguments from Plaintiffs such as “failure to buy the lien” and what to do if a plaintiff refuses to provide information regarding collateral sources during pre-suit negotiations or discovery.